Apex Wellell i-Explorer 5 Compact

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The Apex Wellell i-Explorer 5 Compact power chair redefines mobility with its versatile and compact design.

Customizable to suit individual needs, it folds instantly for easy transport. With a reclining backrest and user capacity of up to 150 kg, it provides a safe and agile mobility experience.

The I-Explorer 5 Compact power chair, part of Wellell's innovative Explorer 5 range, redefines personal mobility with its smart and versatile design. With its 56 cm width, this chair is specially designed to adapt to small spaces, providing a practical and efficient solution for users looking for comfort and mobility in tighter environments.

Features i-Explorer 5 Compact

-Personalized adaptability: The I-Explorer 5 Compact is distinguished by its ability to adapt to the individual needs of each user. With multiple configurations, this power chair allows for custom adjustments to ensure maximum comfort during use.

-Instant folding: Its simple and instant folding mechanism makes it easy to transport and store, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable and practical electric chair even on the move.

-Light and robust: The I-Explorer 5 Compact electric chair incorporates a hydro-formed structure, an advanced manufacturing technique from the aeronautical industry. This unique feature makes it exceptionally light, strong and durable, providing confidence and security to users.

-Priority comfort: Equipped with a removable double footrest, the chair makes access and exit easier. The useful space between the armrests varies from 42 cm to 53 cm, depending on the model, ensuring a comfortable fit for each user.

-Removable Individual Footrest: The individual footrests are easily removable while sitting in the chair, allowing for convenient front access. In addition, they are adjustable in height (13 cm), providing personalized options for each user.

-Ergonomic adjustments:

-Backrest adjustment: The backrest allows a recline of up to 8 degrees and can be adjusted in height by 5 cm, providing optimal support for the back.

-Armrest adjustment: The armrests are adjustable in height (up to 5.5 cm), width (up to 6 cm) and depth (up to 6 cm), ensuring a perfect fit for each user.

-Weight and speed capacity: With a maximum user capacity of 150 kg, the I-Explorer 5 Compact guarantees safe and reliable performance. Reaching a maximum speed of 6 km/h, it offers agile and efficient mobility.

Tips and recommendations

To keep an electric chair in good condition, follow these tips:

Regular cleaning: Clean the chassis and accessible parts to prevent dirt buildup.

Battery check: Charge the batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions and avoid complete discharge.

Wheel inspection: Check the wheels regularly to make sure they are in good condition and free of obstructions.

Adjustments and lubrication: Make adjustments according to the manufacturer's recommendations and lubricate moving parts to prevent wear.

Proper Storage: Store the chair in a dry, safe place when not in use.

Following instructions: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific maintenance on your power chair model.

Careful handling: Avoid difficult terrain and extreme obstacles that could affect the integrity of the chair.

By following these tips, you will extend the life of your power chair and ensure optimal performance over time.

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Dimensiones desplegada: 106 x 62 x 95 cm

Dimensiones desplegada sin reposapiés: 84 x 62 x 95 cm

Dimensiones plegada: 58 x 62 x 84 cm

Medidas del asiento: 46 x 42 x 5-6,5 cm

Altura del suelo al asiento: 57,5 cm 

Grados reclinación del respaldo: 97º y 105º

Peso máximo soportado: 150 kg

Peso con baterías: 33,3 kg

Peso sin baterías: 30,8 kg

Velocidad máxima: 6 km/h

Pendiente máxima: 12º

Radio de giro: 98 cm 

Tipo de motor: Motor sin escobillas. Potencia 250W 24V

Ruedas delanteras: 8” Macizas

Ruedas traseras: 12” Macizas

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years on the chair and 6 months on the batteries

VAT 10% and transportation included. Free shipping for orders in mainland Spain. Check price for orders with shipping to the islands in Spain and other countries.

VAT reduced by 4% will be applied to clients who present a 33% disability certificate or higher


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