Karma SME Power Standing wheelchair

Karma SME Power Standing wheelchair 

The Karma SME standing wheelchair gives the user the ability to stand up.

The Karma SME standing wheelchair is a self-propelling chair for everyday mobility with many adjustable options and features including seat depth, backrest angle, as well as the position of the knee support, armrests and footrest plate.

What does standing help?

Effectively promotes circulation and physical health. Reduces muscle fibrosis and arthrofibrosis, promotes cardiac and pulmonary functions and intestinal transit. Decreases the risk of heart disease, improves circulation, urinary health and bone density.

Security and stability

Having the chair touch the floor, with the standing function activated, provides an extra point of safety.

Adjustable options and features

Seat depth: 44cm, 47cm and 50cm

Seat width: 40 cm, 44 cm and 48 cm

Folding back armrests adjustable in height from 18 to 26 cm.

Adjustable knee support

Knee support plays an important role in the standing process. The support can be adjusted according to the condition and needs of the user. The knee support can be removed while the user is seated.

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Product name: SME

Front/Rear Wheel Size: 6*24

Seat Width (mm): 400/440/480

Seat Depth (mm): 440/470/500

Seat height (mm): 520

Backrest height (mm): 420

Armrest height (mm): 180~260 (Adjustable 5 positions)

Calf length (mm): 360~420 (4 positions adjustable)

Electrical functions: power stand

Battery (Ah): 2.9 *1

Minimum ground clearance (mm): 90

Maximum user weight (kg): 120

Weight WITHOUT Accessories (kg): 25.8

Total Weight (kg): 28.6

Measurement LxBxH (mm): 1040x(590-670)x(960-1430)

Folded Measurement LxBxH (mm): 1040x(590-670)x(960-1430)

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years

10% VAT and transportation included

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