Kittos Carbon

Kittos Carbon 

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The latest from the Total Care company is the KITTOS CARBON folding electric chair with carbon chassis. A super light chair

Light, compact and practical

The Kittos Carbon electric chair is characterized by its lightweight and at the same time ultra-resistant chassis. It is made of carbon fiber, an innovative material that is used to make orthopedic products due to its robustness. It can support a maximum user weight of up to 136kg, while its weight is only 14.5kg (without battery).

It is an electric chair that is designed to be used both outdoors and indoors. Inside the home it is practical to use due to the small dimensions that allow you to move freely from one room to another. In the same way, it is optimal for outdoor use thanks to the powerful motors and solid wheels.

Technical characteristics

It has two 250W motors to reach a maximum speed of 6km/h and overcome a maximum slope of 6º. The battery is Lithium and you can select the 12Ah battery to reach a total range of 15km, or the 20Ah battery to travel up to 25km on a single charge.

It measures 57cm in total width, an ideal measurement for accessing elevators or narrow doors. It measures 93cm high and the total length is 98cm. By removing the footrests and anti-tip wheels it is possible to reduce the length up to 72cm.

The seat has a width of 39cm, although the width between armrests is 44cm. With cushion the distance between the floor is 51cm, while without the cushion it is 47cm. The backrest is fixed and has a height of 50cm and 44cm wide.

The wheels are solid, ideal for covering any type of terrain, from smooth ground to uneven ground or with small stones. The rear ones measure 21x5cm while the front ones have a diameter of 17x4cm.

Made of carbon fiber

The Kittos Carbon made of carbon fiber, an exceptionally light and robust material. Offers an elegant and modern appearance.

Carbon fiber, known for its high elasticity, not only ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, but also effectively absorbs impacts, providing a comfortable and safe user experience.

Additionally, its corrosion resistance and durability ensure a long lifespan, making it an unrivaled choice for those looking for the best in electric wheelchairs.

Easy Storage

Folding the Kittos Carbon is quick and easy, reducing it to a small size (37 cm wide and 77 cm high), making it perfect for storing in any small space or trunk. Its ultra-light weight makes it even easier to transport, making the process a hassle-free task. It is an easy-to-use and lightweight power chair that is certified to fly (it is advisable to contact the airline before going to the boarding gate). Furthermore, thanks to its reduced weight, it is ideal for active people who do not give up moving or traveling by car.

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Manufacturer: Total Care

CODE IMF: 122306SRE000A

Total Width: 57cm

Total Length: 93 Cm (Without Footrest 72 Cm)

Maximum Autonomy: 15km OR 25km

Motor power: 2*250W

Maximum Speed: 6 Km/H

Battery Type: Lithium

Number of Batteries: 1

Maximum slope: 6º

Folded Height: 51 Cm

Folded Depth: 37 Cm

Weight: 16 Kg OR 17.5kg (Depending on Battery)

Maximum User Weight (Kg): 136

Total Weight: 14.5 Kg

Rear Wheels: 21 Cm

Battery: 12Ah or 20Ah

Turning Radius: 80 Cm

Seat Width: 39

Width Between Armrests: 44 Cm

Front Wheels: 17 Cm

Seat Depth: 44

Backrest Height: 50 Cm

Floor Seat Height: 47 Cm (With Cushion 51 Cm)

Total Height: 93 Cm

Backrest Width: 44 Cm

Wheel Type: Solid

Armrest: Yes

Chair Material: Carbon Fiber

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years on the chair and 6 months on the battery

VAT 10% and transportation included. Free shipping for orders in mainland Spain. Check price for orders with shipping to the islands in Spain and other countries.

VAT reduced by 4% will be applied to clients who present a 33% disability certificate or higher


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