Libercar Neo

Libercar Neo

Libercar Neo, more than a simple electric wheelchair, is a hybrid device that merges the accessibility and maneuverability of a chair with the aesthetics and comfort of a scooter.

Ideal for

Elderly or disabled people seeking to maintain their independence.

People looking for a chair with high performance and an excellent quality-price ratio.

Users who prefer the aesthetics of a scooter with the advantages of an electric wheelchair.

For both indoor and outdoor use.

Libercar Neo: The best option to enjoy your freedom on wheels.

Libercar Neo has been designed with the accessibility and maneuverability of a wheelchair, adding the advantages of a scooter in terms of aesthetics and doorway width.


The Libercar Neo electric wheelchair is the new concept as a "scooter+chair" created by the brand. This model has been designed with the accessibility and maneuverability of a wheelchair, adding the advantages of an electric scooter in terms of aesthetics and doorway width.

Two powerful 240W motors that propel you up to 6 km/h.

Two 12Ah batteries that give you a range of up to 16 km.

Puncture-proof wheels and adjustable rear cushioning for a smooth and safe ride.

Intuitive technology

Comfortable and easy to use

Libercar Neo is a very manageable electric wheelchair with simple and intuitive driving through its joystick with digital display, 5 speeds and progressive acceleration intensity.

On the joystick you will find everything essential to operate your chair where you can regulate the speed, control the autonomy with the digital battery charge indicator or sound the horn if necessary. In addition, the joystick has a USB socket to charge any mobile device.

The chair has multiple adjustments for greater comfort: height-adjustable headrest, folding armrests, adjustable in height, width and angle, padded seat with reclining backrest and 360º swivel.

The seat of this electric wheelchair will provide you with maximum comfort thanks to its anti-perspirant fabric and great padding. In addition, it incorporates a back pocket to carry different objects with total comfort, handles for manual push and seat belt.

You can enjoy this chair wherever you go thanks to the fact that it is compact and removable. Its WIDTH of only 51cm will greatly facilitate your maneuverability and passage through the doors. Its normal height is 96cm and its minimum height is 76cm. The normal length of this chair is 97cm and by folding the platform (removable and foldable) it only remains at 77cm.

But also, this electric wheelchair from the Libercar brand disassembles into 4 parts without the need to use any type of tools. The heaviest part is only 18kg and this will allow you to transport and store the electric wheelchair without any effort.

Very safe easy-to-disassemble electric wheelchair

With an intelligent electromagnetic brake system, the Libercar Neo chair brakes by itself when you release the joystick lever, which guarantees complete safety when driving, especially for elderly people or people with mobility problems. At the back of the chair it has an anti-roll wheel that will protect you if you face steep slopes.

Measurements and weight

The normal length of the Libercar Neo chair is 97cm. The footrest platform is removable and foldable to a minimum length of 76cm. The normal height of the chair is 96cm, decreasing to 76cm by folding the backrest.

Its total weight fully assembled is 48kg. Disassembled, the weight of the heaviest piece is only 18kg

Width of only 51 cm, ideal for small spaces and narrow doors.

Detachable into 4 parts, with a maximum weight of 18 kg, it facilitates transportation and storage.

Padded and reclining seat, with adjustable headrest and armrests, for total comfort. Maximum performance

Libercar Neo is perfect for

The Libercar Neo electric wheelchair for people with disabilities or elderly people is perfect for elderly or disabled people who want to maintain their independence and need a chair with high performance and the best quality-price ratio without giving up safety and comfort. This chair is ideal for people who are still a little reluctant to use an electric wheelchair and cannot use a scooter due to mobility. With this "hybrid" they will have the aesthetics of a scooter with the features of an electric wheelchair.

It is ideal for walking both indoors and outdoors thanks to its small dimensions and great maneuverability. Perfect for small spaces thanks to its WIDTH of only 51cm.

The Libercar Neo electric wheelchair offers quite a few customization options.

Customization options

Libercar gives the option of adapting its chairs for left-handed people. In this case, you can decide, without any additional cost, the side where the joystick is placed so that at all times the user does not have to make any extra effort when operating their chair.

On the other hand, Libercar also makes an adaptation to the joystick so that it can be rotated 90º and facilitate the approach to tables and desks to be able to carry out the most everyday activities in total comfort and without any obstacles.

In this chair there is also the option to choose a custom color. You can tell us which color you like best and we will communicate it to the brand so that they can customize it to your liking.

If you need any other type of customization such as rear grills, gas bottle holders... or you want to add mirrors and customize the scooter to your liking, you can tell us your needs and we will offer you a prior quote without obligation.


1.581,25€ (10% VAT included)

REMEMBER: If you have a disability certificate greater than 33% degree, you are entitled to a VAT reduction on this product.

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Motor: 2x240W

Maximum speed: 6 km/h

Maximum range: 16 km

Normal chair length: 97 cm

Normal chair width: 51 cm

Recommended maximum weight: 135 kg

Total chair weight: 48 kg

Rear weight: 17 kg

360º rotating seat: YES

High back seat: YES

Removable armrests YES

Adjustable armrest angle: YES

Folding backrest: YES

Seat base width: 44cm

Anti-puncture rear wheels: 19cm

Folding footrests: YES

Height adjustable footrest: YES

Maximum slope: 21%

Back pocket on backrest: YES

Joystick with digital display: YES

USB socket on joystick: YES

No. of speeds: 5

Horn: YES

Seat belt: YES

Release lever: YES

CE medical device certificate: 2007/745

Batteries: 2x12Ah

Reverse speed: 3 km/h

Damping: YES (rear)

Folded footrest chair length: 77 cm

Width between adjustable armrests: 41cm-55cm

Detachable: YES

Front part weight 18kg

Seat part weight: 13kg

Adjustable seat depth: YES

Height adjustable headrest: YES

Armrests adjustable in width: YES

Backrest height (with headrest): 58cm-68cm

Folding armrests: YES

Seat base depth: 44 cm

Anti-puncture front wheels: 15 cm

Aluminum wheels: YES

Removable footrest: YES

Safety slope: 12%

Matte black body color

Joystick with progressive intensity: YES

Right and left-handed adaptive joystick: YES

Removable joystick: YES

Acoustic reverse warning: YES

Anti-tip casters: YES

Electromagnetic brake: YES

ISO9001 and ISO13485SI standards

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years on the chair and 6 months on the batteries

VAT 10% and transportation included.

Free shipping for orders in mainland Spain. Check price for orders with shipping to the islands in Spain and other countries.

VAT reduced by 4% will be applied to clients who present a 33% disability certificate or higher


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