Mini Transfer 2 Self propelled

Mini Transfer 2 Self propelled manual wheelchair

The self-propelled Mini Transfer 2 wheelchair has arrived to change the idea of a conventional manual wheelchair. Although it has a similar appearance, the Mini Transfer 2 chair has managed to preserve the best features of traditional wheelchairs, but with a lighter weight of only 14 Kg (without rear wheels 9 Kg.) and a more compact folding. Maximum user weight 100 kg

Thanks to its aluminum chassis, Mini Transfer 2 has a reduced weight of only 14 Kg. for comfortable maneuverability. Both the backrest and the seat of the wheelchair are foldable and the 600mm wheels include a quick-release system, so transporting and storing the wheelchair is very easy. You will not need a large space to be able to take this wheelchair everywhere.

Its compact dimensions mean that moving around in small spaces will no longer be a problem. Once folded, the chair takes up very little space and its light weight allows it to be easily placed in any car trunk.


In addition to folding in a very compact way and being able to split the backrest, we can still ask more from the chair... The self-propelled rear wheels can be removed with the quick release system (qick-release). This makes the chair take up as little space as possible and also further reduces the total weight to just 9 Kg.

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REMEMBER: If you have a disability certificate greater than 33% degree, you are entitled to a VAT reduction on this product.

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Seat size:


Maximum user weight 100 kg

Seat width: 43cm (PL81-43) - 45cm (PL81-45)

Total width: 61cm (PL81-43) - 63cm (PL81-45)

Seat depth: 40cm (PL81-43) - 40cm (PL81-45)

Seat to floor height: 52cm (PL81-43) - 52cm (PL81-45)

Armrest height: 24cm (PL81-43) - 24cm (PL81-45)

Total length: 104/81cm (PL81-43) - 104/81cm (PL81-45)

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 3 years

10% VAT and transportation included

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Reduced VAT rate (4%) will be applied to customer provided 33% disability certificate (or higher degree)

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