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Forta Line Duo

325 €
VAT included

Data sheet

Total width Size: + 18cm
Total length: 107cm
Seat height: 51cm
Maximum user weight (Kg): 140Kg
Total weight: 14.5Kg
Total length: 107cm
Seat width: 38, 41, 45, 48, 52, 56
200mm front wheels
Seat bottom: 41
Total height: 91.5cm
Length without footrest: 77cm
Rear wheels dimension Self-propelled (600mm), Transfer (300mm)
Chair material: Aluminum
Colors: Blue, Pistachio, Grey, Orange and Mallow

*Data provided by the manufacturer
Warranty: 2 years
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Forta Line Duo

Forta Line Duo wheelchair is a light wheelchair made of aluminum with no weldings.

Forta Line Duo is delivered with 250 AND 600 mm rear wheels. These wheels can be switched, in such a way the user can pass throught narrow alleys, doors, and so on. It is a unique concept, not to be found anywhere else in the market.


+ 600 and 250 mm switchable rear wheels (quickrelease).
+ Ergonomic design of the backrest tubes that allow full seat depth use and makes that the backrest upholstery provides added lumbar support.
+ LINE wheelchair logo
+ Foldable.
+ Available sizes: 38, 41, 45, 48, 52 and 56.
+ Made of aluminum with no weldings.
+ Highly resistant and comfortable.
+ 5 different seat and armrest colors available.
+ Weight: 14,5 kg.
+ Resistance: 140 kg.
+ Height adjustable and removable footrests with no need of tools.
+ Removable armrests (no tools needed).
+ Registered design

Forta Line Duo - Accessories

Accessories: Attendant brake (1), viscolastic cushion (2), anti-tip wheels (3), elevating footrests (4), half-folded backrest (5).