Ubio Lumbar cushion 45 X 45

Ubio Lumbar cushion 45 X 45

Ubio Lumbar cushion 45 X 45 memory foam cushion helps prevent and relieve back pain. It is also recommended for pregnant women.

Ubio Lumbar cushion 45 X 45 memory foam cushion COMPOSITION Breathable fabric (100% polyester) and INTÉRIEUR in viscoelastic injected high density. Buckle clousure. DIMENSIONS 45x45x12 MANTEINANCE Hand wash or machine with non-abrasive products .Maximum temperature 30° You can not use bleach.You can boardYou can tumble dry.

Ubio Lumbar cushion 45 X 45 molds perfectly to the spine and provides optimal support thanks to its anatomical shape and its properties pressure relief. Made of foam memory foam one-piece, retains shape even over long periods.

An ergonomic lumbar support helps the different pressures that are produced by the weight of the body, instead of accumulating in a certain area of the body, that pressure is distributed over different areas, relieving tension in a single area. The use of the lumbar cushion promotes a more neutral posture in order to improve the comfort of the workers and make the workday more enjoyable. The lumbar position is greatly improved, greatly reducing back pain.

There is also a car lumbar support for better care of your back, which what it does is it corrects your posture while driving. Instead of being hunched over, thanks to the lumbar cushions you will carry a straight posture thanks to which you will obtain numerous benefits for your back.


Breathable fabric (100% polyester). Core high-density injected memory foam.

Maintenance - Ubio Lumbar cushion 45 X 45

Washable cover: By hand or machine, with neutral detergent, at 60ºC, suppressing the centrifugation.

It can be dry cleaned.

Tolerates dryer at reduced temperature.

Do not iron.

Do not use bleach.

do not wet the viscoelastic


The warranty period for the suapel sheets is 2 years. This guarantee begins with the date of purchase of the distributor. This warranty does not cover the normal wear of the product and does not replace the legal guarantees. In case of incident, contact the supplier.

Lifetime of the product

1 year


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Composition: Breathable fabric (100% polyester). High-density injected memory foam core.

Measures: 45x45x12cm

Color: Black

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

10% VAT and transportation included

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