Sorolla 315

Sorolla 315

The Sorolla 315 ultralight folding electric wheelchair, is the most advanced lightweight power wheelchair you can find in the market. The Sorolla 315 ultralight folding electric wheelchair is a heavy duty lightweight power wheelchair also suitable for bigger users. It is powerful, comfortable, faster and easier to open/fold.

The Sorolla 315 has larger rear wheels than her sister "Sorolla", thus adding more comfort to the user when using this chair on any kind of surface. In addition, this wheelchair for people with reduced mobility has been designed in aluminum for facilitate its transport and storage in vehicles, it has very small dimensions so that the user can maneuver comfortably both indoors and outdoors.

This chair is configurable with several batteries, thus changing the autonomy that the chair can perform:

-With 1 10Ah lithium battery: 10 km of maximum autonomy (included with the purchase of the wheelchair)

-With 2 10Ah lithium batteries: 20 km maximum autonomy (optional)

-With 3 10Ah lithium batteries: 30 km maximum autonomy (optional)


Length: 87 cm (102 cm with footrest)

Width: 63 cm

Folded dimensions: 35x63x75 cm

Maximum speed: 8 km/h

Maximum autonomy: 10 km (20 km or 30 km optional)

Maximum user weight: 160 kg

Total weight: 28 Kg

Weight per battery: 1.8 Kg

Maximum slope: 12º-14º

The Sorolla weighs only 28kg and it takes just 3 seconds to open/fold.

The Sorolla 315 ultralight wheelchair is one of the lightest power wheelchair in the world. Over the years this wheelchair has been upgraded and improved in order to meet the highest standard within this lightweight category. This model has helped to improve the quality of life of many users with limited mobility. Please find the features of the Sorolla folding wheelchair below:

- 2X 250W motors

- Maximum slope 14º

- Maximum user load 160 Kg

- Folding armrests to facilitate the transfer and even to be able to use at any given time the command by the companion.

- Joystick (to the right or to the left)

- Adjustable seat and backrest in tension.

- Back in back

- Adjustable height backrest.

- Bag under the seat.

- Seat belt.

- Running wheels.

- Adjustable footrest in two heights, with platform, folding and folding.

-Two shock absorbers forward and two behind.

- Joystick programmable through key combination.

- Block command

- Joystick with USB port.

- 5A external charger and independent charging cable to charge loose batteries.

It is supplied with a battery. Possibility of two more (optional)


2.149,23€ (10% VAT included)

REMEMBER: If you have a disability certificate greater than 33% degree, you are entitled to a VAT reduction on this product.

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Total weight with 1 battery: 29 Kg

Weight of 1 battery: 1.8 Kg

Maximum speed: 8 Km/h

Maximum user load: 160 Kg

Maximum slope: 14º

Depth: 107 cm

Bottom with folded footrest 89cm

Width 63 cm

Heigth: 90-110 cm


Background 44 cm

Width: 63 cm

Heigth: 75 cm


background 44 cm

Width: 45 cm

Heigth: 53 cm above the ground


Width: 44 cm

Heigth: 43 cm extendable by 20 cm more

Front wheels: Solid 200 × 50 mm

Rear wheels: 315mm pneumatic

Motor: 2 x 250W with electromagnetic brakes

Battery: 1 of 24Vx10Ah of Lithium;

2 more can be installed in parallel, tripling the autonomy.

Autonomy: 1 battery: 10Km approx.

Charger: 24Vx5Ah and independent charging cable to charge loose batteries.

Charging time for 1 battery: less than 4h

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years and 6 months on the batteries

10% VAT and transportation included

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