Vacplus Suction pump

Vacplus Suction pump

Vacplus Suction pump from Apex Medical's VAC-series pump is the most recent generation of portable suction units. Vacplus Suction pump has been designed to combine function with aesthetic appeal and meet the needs of today’s hygiene and infection control requirements.

Vacplus Suction pump is lightweight, compact and can be used in either AC or DC mode. This unit is available with a rechargeable battery.

All Apex VAC Suction devices have adjustable pressure dials used to change the power of the device to suit the patient. There are no values assigned the the dial, therefore users should test the suction power before using on patients.

Vacplus Suction pump

+ Maximum Flow Rate: 24 LPM

+ Maximum Pressure: 600mmHg (adjustable)

+ Car Charger Adapter

+ Powered by AC and rechargeable Ni-MH battery

+ Canister Size: 800mL

+ Warranty: 2 years

+ The product will include:

Vacplus Suction pump includes

+ VacPlus Suction Unit

+ Canister

+ Filter and Adapters

+ Suction Tubing

+ AC Adapter

+ Car Charger Adapter

What is a suction pump?

A suction pump is the equipment aimed at replacing the physiological mechanism of expulsion of secretions from the respiratory tract, either by:

- Structural alteration (tracheotomy).

- Functional impossibility on the part of the patient (neuromuscular disease).

- The secretions aspirator aims to prevent obstruction and avoid complications that may develop related to the presence of secretions generated in the airway.

During secretion aspiration therapy, it is important to follow the guidelines prescribed by licensed practitioners.

What is the suction pump for?

There are pathologies that prevent the patient from eliminating secretions that accumulate in the airway through expectoration or cough, specifically in the pharynx, trachea or bronchi. This causes secretions to accumulate in the area making it difficult to breathe.

In order to eliminate them, surgical aspirators are used, which are in charge of artificially sucking the retained secretions, managing to maintain the permeability of the airway and avoid diseases such as pneumonia, which is caused by its accumulation.

How does the suction pump works?

The suction pump unit, like conventional vacuum cleaners, creates a negative pressure known as suction. The suction is done with the flexible tubes that are connected to a container, which is where the secretions stop.

With the regulator you can adjust the suction level. There are some recommended ranges according to the age of the patient (babies, children or adults) that are convenient to follow.


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Voltage: 120V / 60Hz

Flow range: 0-22 liters per minute

Suction pressure: 0-600 mm / Hg

Cup capacity: 800cc or 1800 cc

Battery operated: YES

Noise level: less than 50 db

Battery life - between 40 and 60 min.

Maximum aspiration level: (600 mmHg.)

Charging time - aprox. 5 hours if the discharge is total

* Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years on the product

VAT 21% and transport included

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