Apex-Wellell i-Laser

Apex-Wellell i-Laser

The Apex-Wellell i-Laser folding mobility scooter is taking the market by storm in 2019. This scooter is a powerhouse - the first ever portable travel-friendly scooter that is also HEAVY-DUTY, featuring a wider wheelbase, 115 kg weight carrying capacity, and robust build! The Apex-Wellell i-Laser features a handy auto-fold function, folding the scooter compactly with the push of a button. This means it is the perfect scooter to help you get out and about, taking you to places you could have only imagined.

The Apex-Wellell i-Laser Portable Mobility Scooter is the FIRST EVER heavy-duty portable travel-friendly scooter on the market due to it´s wider wheelbase, 115 kg weight carrying capacity, and robust build! It is the absolute latest Apex-Wellell model on the market.

The Apex-Wellell i-Laser features a versatile build designed to push the boundaries on travel scooters to take you to places you´ve never been able to tackle before on a portable mobility scooter. Most portable scooters are designed to be shopping scooters and can only be driven on flat surfaces, but the Apex-Wellell i-Laser is one of the only portable scooters designed to be able to tackle rougher terrains. Its robust design includes a wider wheel base for extra stability, pneumatic tyres for the most comfortable ride, as well as a narrow front wheel base for a tight turning circle and easier navigation.

The Apex-Wellell i-Laser also features a simple auto-fold function simply push the button on the front of the scooter and the machine will fold itself up compactly in just seconds! The Apex-Wellell i-Laser is a heavy duty portable travel scooter that will take you to more places than you´ve ever dreamt of. It´s excellent for outdoor use thanks to its versatile design and short but wide frame. This is a travel-friendly portable scooter that´s taking the market by storm in 2019.

Airline Approved

The Apex-Wellell i-Laser comes with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Confirm with airline as regulations may change.


Weight Capacity: 115 kg

Max Speed: 6 km/h

Folding: Automatic folding

Motor: 21:1 270W 4400RPM

Controller: DYNAMIC Rseries 50A

Battery: 24V 14.5Ah Li-Ion Polymer

24V 14.5Ah Li-Ion Polymer

Charger: 2Amp Charger

Suspension: Indigo Suspension

Travel Distance: Up to 18 km

Colours: Red

Start: Press button with FOB key technology (no key turn needed)

Lights: Full front and back lighting system with additional laser guide lights

Armrests: Button release height adjustable armrests, fixed to frame for strength. Swing away technology for ease of getting on and off the scooter.

Learn more about the Apex-Wellell i-Laser watching the following VIDEO .

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4 wheels

Length/Width/Height: 91 cm x 60 cm x 80-90 cm

Dimension Folded: 48 cm x 60 x 80 cm

Front Tires: 20 x 5 pneumatic

RearTires: 22.8 x 6.5 cm pneumatic

Maximum speed: 6km (3.7mph)

Safe gradient/maximum: <100kg up to 6º - < 100 kg up to 3º

Range: up to 18 km

Turning circle: 127 cm

Weight: 35 kg (with batteries)

Weight: 31 kg (without batteries)

Brake: inteligent, regenerative, electromagnetic

Maximum weight capacity: 115 kg

Battery: 24V 14.5Ah Li-Ion Polymer

Battery charger: 2.5 Ah

Motor: 270W 4400RPM

Lights: Yes

Controller: DYNAMIC Rseries 50A

Suspension: Indigo Suspension

Colours: Red

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the battery

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