New Apex Transformer Nova. The most versatile folding mobility scooter and commuter

New Apex Transformer Nova. The most versatile folding mobility scooter and commuter

2022 has started with the launch of Apex's new folding mobility scooter. This is the Apex i-Transformer Nova and it has arrived to bring more features than its brother, the Apex i-Transformer.

In addition to a facelift and a more modern design, it has added a few extras that will be an absolute win for people with reduced mobility who are looking for a scooter, the perfect tool to move around comfortably and travel in the most comfortable way. It is useful and effective. Let's see its features:

(See the Apex i-Transformer Nova Product Sheet)

New Apex Transformer Nova scooter: For people looking for an active life

If the Apex i-Transformer Nova folding mobility scooter had to be defined by its features, without a doubt a great summary would be that this scooter is equipped with two of the most valued utilities by users:

  • Automatic folding and unfolding with remote control.
  • Body divisible into two parts for an easy transport.

These two features make the Apex Transformer Nova a very powerful tool for people who, despite having reduced mobility, do not want to be limited when traveling and moving freely.

Automatic folding scooter

When we talk about automatic folding and unfolding, in addition to being done through a remote control, the Apex i-Transformer Nova has the added advantage that, unlike other automatic folding scooters, such as its brother the Apex i-Brio Plus, the Nova maintains the standing position and does not require the final manual prone action. In this way, the user can perform automatic folding and unfolding without having to touch the scooter at all.

Splitting the chassis in two

Once folded, in addition, comes the second advantage, and that is that the Nova allows its chassis to be divided into two parts, leaving its original 20.5 kilos, in two bodies of 11.5 kg and 9kg respectively, in addition to a battery of barely 2.5 kilos. In this way, its transport and storage becomes a simple and useful process for people with mobility difficulties or with some type of disability.

If these two features are already more than enough for the Apex Transformer Nova to soon become a bestseller, the rest of the innovations and improvements over its brother, the Apex i-Transformer, have just rounded off a product that, moreover, get a very elegant design and high quality.

Let's see what other improvements and features this new Apex scooter brings.

More Apex Transformer Nova Features

The new product that Apex has launched in 2022 is, without a doubt, your scooter if you are looking for...

A lightweight folding scooter

It allows the scooter to be separated into 2 parts (11.5 kg + 9 kg) to facilitate its portability and transport. In addition, this scooter has removable lithium batteries.

A folding scooter with remote control

In addition to the aforementioned folding, its multifunctional control allows you to turn the scooter on and off as well as control the LED lights that it has incorporated, another improvement over its brother, the Apex i-Transformer.

A comfortable scooter for people with reduced mobility

The folding armrests facilitate the transfer of the user through the lateral access to it. In addition, these armrests are height adjustable, which adds extra comfort to this Apex i-Transformer Nova. Let's not forget its automatic folding system, which allows the scooter to stand up, preventing the user from having to bend down.

A design scooter that everyone stares at

This Nova is made from a magnesium alloy, which provides it, in addition to being light and robust, with a very modern appearance and a very advanced design.

A mobility scooter with digital display

The last of the visible improvements that the Apex Transformer Nova has is a clear and functional digital display, where the user will find all the information on board in a clear, simple and very accessible way.

In short, if you are looking for a modern, comfortable, easily transportable scooter that allows you to move and travel, you are undoubtedly the perfect user for this treat. Apex promises to gain a good market share among folding mobility scooters for people with reduced mobility.

If you want to see all the characteristics of the Apex i-Transformer Nova as well as its price, do not hesitate to visit the product sheet that we have filled in with all the data. You can access that information through the link that we have left you.

And if you want to see the video of the folding and unfolding test that we carried out for the first time in our store, do not miss this video.

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