Eclipse Plus 3W

Eclipse Plus 3W

The Eclipse Plus 3W is the most compact and maneuverable version of the Eclipse mobility scooter model.

The Eclipse Plus 3W scooter comes now in a 3-wheel version. It offers great finishes and exceptional standard equipment. It incorporates a removable bag with handle. It also comes equipped with a large capacity backpack at the back of the seat and a small bag located on the armrest ideal for quick access to small everyday objects.

Its three wheels and the small dimensions of the scooter allow easy maneuvering in small spaces while providing optimal outdoor performance. It disassembles in a matter of seconds. It is very easy to transport and fits in most boot. This makes this scooter ideal for traveling. The seat is swivel and adjustable in height from 42 to 47 cm. The wheels are flat and do not require maintenance.

Eclipse Plus 3W - Features

+ Its ergonomic handlebar has intuitive and comfortable operation for exceptionally comfortable and pleasant driving.

+ The 21Ah batteries are removable, allowing you to charge them both on the scooter and outside it and provide an approximate autonomy of 22km.

+ Comfortable and practical bag as standard

+ Led front light, dimmable

+ It incorporates as standard 2 kits of colors, green and silver gray, which can be put on and removed easily and quickly to customize your Eclipse scooter.

+ It is easily disassembled in a few seconds in 4 parts to transport it in any vehicle

3-wheel mobility scooters manoeuvre around obstacles and tight spaces much more easily than a four wheeled unit. They are also lighter. The second great advantage of a three wheeled unit is that they provide extra leg room due to the absence of the two front wheels.


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Model: SP3-ECLIPSE +

Total Length: 97cm

Total Width: 56cm

Seat Width: 43cm

Ground free height: 8cm

Turn radius: 88cm

Maximum gradient: 12º or 21%

Front wheels: 190mm

Rear wheels: 215mm

Motor power: 270w

Batteries: 2 x 12v 21 Ah

Maximum speed:* 6.5km / h

Autonomy*: 22 km

Total Weight: 45kg

Maximum Weight: 132kg

Color: Green and grey

* Data provided by the manufacturer.


Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the batteries

21% VAT and transportation included

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