Aquatec Orca

Aquatec Orca

The Aquatec Orca is a booster seat for a bathtub, it allows you to enter the bathtub with complete comfort. In its lowest position, Aquatec Orca is submerged inside the bathtub allowing a safe and pleasant bath.

Bathe safely with the Aquatec Orca toilet lift, easily and at the push of a button. The stable and robust frame with reinforced scissors and base plate provides absolute safety. The high backrest with contoured headrest is particularly comfortable. It can be positioned and folded with one hand. The battery and the controller are integrated in the manual control; The rechargeable lithium-ion manganese battery pack provides deep discharge protection and has no memory effect.

Details and Features

The Aquatec Orca range is a range of bathtub lifts that allow bathing in complete safety. Simple operation: at the push of a button on your remote, the lift goes up to the edge of the bathtub and goes down to the bottom of it.

It works by means of batteries, thus simplifying its use and guaranteeing its complete safety. The motor ensures smooth movements and without the user having to use any effort to enter or exit the bathtub.

The Aquatec Orca range is a range of bath lifts that allow the bath to be used in complete safety. It is equipped with an ergonomic, floating control and with the integrated battery facilitating its use. There are several versions available to suit all users: standard or lateral reclining backrest and XL version for patients up to 170 kg. of weight.

Comfort and safety in the bathtub

The Aquatec Orca is a bath lift with a polypropylene seat, back and base with a cover that can be white or blue. Its function is to facilitate the use of the bathtub in complete safety. It works as an alternative to carrying out works at home to remove the existing bathtub and install a shower tray so that people with reduced mobility can shower or bathe and is compatible with other users of the bathtub.

The Aquatec Orca is an electric lift that works with an ergonomic floating control that has the integrated battery for maximum safety in the water. It fits in almost all bathtubs, it is very compact: its base measures 600 mm deep by 295 mm wide. Its backrest can be reclined up to 40 degrees and it has an integrated headrest. This is important for people who have more specific positioning needs.

Bath lift versions

The Orca for heavy people that supports up to 170 kg, the Aquatec Orca XL. The standard model supports a maximum weight of up to 140 kg. This bath lift can be fitted with the Aquatec Disk or the Aquatec Trans rotating disc, to facilitate transfers.

ORCA Version with Backrest with Sides provides the same features as the Orca and at the same time greater support and safety in the bathtub. White color.

AQUATEC TRANS XL and DISK. Rotating transfer disc to be used on the base of a bathtub lift for effortless transfer. Wide and non-slip base. Rotating movement and transfer is performed using the weight of the patient. Blue and light gray colors.

This new Orca reclining bath lift from Aquatec is an exceptional bath lift that has been designed with those who require a little help while bathing in mind, providing the user with unmatched levels of comfort and support. For ease of use, Orca Reclining Bath Lifts have a number of design features including increased legroom, ease of disassembly, and an ergonomic, floating hand control that contains the lightweight battery; The hand controller also has a quick release system.

Orca Reclining Bath Lifts incorporate a lightweight and smart battery within the ergonomic hand control so users with limited hand strength can operate the smooth and gentle lift with minimal effort. The raised profile, colored buttons, and an emergency stop function allow for simple, controlled operation that promotes user independence while providing the utmost peace of mind. The manual override attaches quickly and easily to the back of the Orca, ensuring a secure, fully airtight seal and is effortlessly released with just one hand.

The reclining backrest allows the user to select the most comfortable and relaxing bathing position and, for safety, the Orca reclining bath lift has a textured surface that reduces the risk of slipping, allowing it to be used without covers if desired. The side flaps are hinged flush with the surface of the main seat and allow safe and secure side transfers, without trapping the skin. When pushed forward, the Orca's backrest folds and unlocks automatically. The backrest and base section can be removed from the bathroom with ease and the two sections fit perfectly together to provide an extremely compact size for neat and tidy storage.


Designed to take up the best space in the bathtub, the orca lift can be disassembled into two lightweight and easy-to-transport parts. Thus, we return to using the bath normally with ease.

Simple assembly, without tools.

The Orca lift includes very complete equipment so that the experience of using the bathtub will be comfortable and 100% safe.

-Wide seat

-Back, high and wide with headrest.

-Floating and ergonomic control knob.

-Non-Slip floor.

-Removable covers, washable in the washing machine and anti-slip on the backrest and seat.

-Safe: it blocks its operation if there is not enough charge in the batteries.

-The batteries are charged by means of the remote. Subsequently, it connects to the device with an easy and secure connection.

Once inside, using batteries, Aquatec Orca allows you to descend to the bottom of the bathtub, to bathe comfortably and safely. Once you're done, go back to the edge of the tub for an easy exit.

Reclining backrest as standard. Non-slip, removable and washable cover as standard. Without installation It works with batteries (up to 8 cycles of ascent and descent for a person of 75Kg.). You can remove yourself from the bathroom when you don't need to. It can be disassembled without tools into two lightweight pieces and can be easily assembled and disassembled for transport.

Each of its parts and components can be in contact with water without any risk.

The remote control, which includes the battery, allows the lift to be lowered and raised. It is completely sealed, ergonomic and buoyant. For added safety, the control does not allow the lift to be lowered if the battery does not have enough charge to complete a full cycle. Charging the battery is very easy: just connect the charger to the remote control - as simple as charging a mobile phone!

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Seat width: 375mm (15")

Seat depth: 490mm (19")

Backrest height: 665 (26")

Weight excluding battery: 12.1 kgs (26 lbs)

Footprint width: 285mm (11.25")

Footprint length: 580mm (23")

Seat height lowest position: 60mm (2")

Seat height position: 420mm (16.5")

Maximum user weight: 135 kgs (21 st)

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

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