Drive R8 Lightweight Rollator

R8 Rollator

Big brother to the R6 the Drive R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator has bigger 18 cm (7") tyres.

Ideal for use both inside and outside the R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator is a very easy to use rollator which is great for days out. The R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator will aid you while you walk, giving you the support that you need where you have impaired strength in your legs. Due to ergonomic handles even where you have little strength in your hands or arthritis it is very easy to grip the R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator. For additional safety the R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator has arthritic-friendly loop cable brakes that provide you with even greater safely, allowing you to instantly stop if required.

If you're going out for the day or going away on holiday then the R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator is a fantastic option as it can be folded down and thanks to its light weight can be put in the boot of a car or just carried with ease, meaning you can take it anywhere when out and about. Furthermore the R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator comes with a padded flip-up seat, meaning if you wish to take a break you can just sit on the comfortable seat of the rollator.

Other great features of the R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator is a convenient under seat storage bag which allows you to carry all for essentials when on the go. With a choice of two striking metallic colours the R8 Lightweight Aluminium Rollator comes in either vivid blue or spirit red.


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LENGTH: 62 cm

WIDTH: 64 cm

HEIGHT: 83-98 cm

WEIGHT: 7 kg




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Warranty: 2 years

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