Domus 2+ anti-decubitus air mattress

Domus 2+ anti-decubitus air mattress

The Domus 2 + is an anti-decubitus air mattress with alternating cells and high-quality features. It is used to treat and prevent bedsores. It is recommended for patients with a medium risk of pressure ulcers. Includes compressor. Supports a weight of 140kg.


The Domus 2 + is an air mattress topper, that is, it is placed on our usual mattress. Its main advantage is that we can enjoy all the benefits of an anti-decubitus air mattress without the need to purchase a complete kit, with the economic savings that this implies.

The Domus 2 + is recommended for users with a medium risk of developing bedsores. It is designed not only to prevent skin wounds, but also to treat existing ones. It also improves the quality of rest because the user is much more comfortable since the air cells effectively distribute the pressure. Supports a maximum user weight of 140kg.


The improvements in the compressor are reflected in a better inflation of the mattress. It is compact and very quiet. We recommend placing it at the foot of the bed, to reduce noise and vibrations.

+ Easy operation: connect the mattress tubes to the compressor so that it inflates it. The connectors are designed to be easy to fit and secure so they will not slip out in case the patient needs to be moved.

+ Adjustable to the user: It incorporates a regulator to control the pressure according to the weight of the patient.

+ Safe: includes fuses that protect the electrical mechanism in the event of a power surge.

+ Reliable: it has an alarm in case there is a loss of air. Check the connection of the tubes. If it continues, get in touch with us.

Improved Mattress Surface

Caregivers know that the area at the end of the back is the first area where bedsores appear when the user remains in bed for a long time. For this, the Domus 2+ includes a significant improvement: the cells in the sacrum area have ventilation through micropores, which reduce the maceration of the skin in that place. As a result, the skin remains in better condition.

With a pleasant touch and resistant materials, the Domus mattress is prepared to withstand continuous use. Cleaning is simple: wipe with a cloth slightly dampened in warm water with a little soap or mild detergent. Use it again when it is completely dry.

Alternating Cells

This mattress is really effective in fighting bedsores because it has alternating cells. The compressor inflates the even cells and deflates the odd cells a little to distribute the weight of the body. In the next cycle, it will be the odd ones that inflate completely and the even ones that will deflate. Thus, the pressure is distributed in turns and the user feels great relief and comfort. In the head, the cells remain fixed, with the aim of giving the user an optimal rest.

Breathable waterproof cover

The Domus 2+ is completed with a high-quality cover: durable and machine washable material. In addition, it is waterproof; its excellent seal prevents it from entering the mattress. However, it is breathable: it is permeable to sweat and steam, favoring the condition of the skin and preventing maceration.

Domus 2+ is the Apex SEMP recommended both for patients with medium risk of pressure ulcers (PU), and for the treatment of PUs up to grade II.

The Domus 2+ features alternating pressure therapy (individual cells inflate and deflate, redistributing pressure in 9.6 minute cycles). It is a top mattress that needs an extra mattress at the base and has 18 cells of 10.2 cm in height according to the latest recommendations of the EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel).

The compressor has a regulator depending on the weight of the patient (from 40 to 140 kilos). It incorporates a visual low pressure alarm that increases patient safety.

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Compressor dimensions: 23.7 x 11.2 x 9.5 cm.

Weight: 1.4 Kg.

Voltage: AC 230 V. 50 Hz.

Maximum air output: 4 liters / minute

Pressure range adjustment: Yes, depending on the patient's weight (40 - 140 kg)

Alternating cycle time: 9.6 minutes

Therapy: Alternating

Sound level: 36 dBA / td>

On and off button: Yes, luminous

Housing material: fire retardant ABS

Certified: Against electric shock Class II Type BF and electrical safety standards IP21


Mattress dimensions: 200 x 80 x 10.2 cm.

Weight: 4 Kg.

Cell: 18 independent 10.2 cm Nylon PVC cells.

Static area on head: 3 cells

Lapels to adjust the bed base: Yes

Certificates: Fire retardant EN 597-1 and EN 597-2


Material: Nylon PU. Clasp closure

Waterproof and vapor permeable: Yes.

Bio-compatibility and infection control: Yes. Passed test for cytotoxicity, irritation and skin sensitivity. Anti-mold and fungus

Certificates: REACH & RoHS

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

21% VAT and transportation included

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