A2000V Pressure Relief Air Mattress

A2000V Pressure Relief Air Mattress

The A2000V Pressure Relief Air Mattress is the solution for people who stay in bed for a long time, whether due to illness or disability. The discomfort of immobility is minimized thanks to the effective distribution of body pressure.

Its 16 air cells have a special “V” design that increases the contact surface and reduces pressure peaks.

In addition, the cells are alternating: the compressor is in charge of inflating and deflating it slightly in cycles, so that the same area of ​​the body is in contact with several cells at the same time with different degrees of pressure.

To put the anti-bedsore mattress into operation, connect it to the compressor and it to the power. It must be plugged into the power at all times, but don't worry about the consumption because you will hardly notice it on your bill.

As a consequence, the user is protected against bedsores, wounds on the skin that emerge due to immobility. And not only that, but it also helps to heal the ulcers that are already there.


Greater comfort for the patient, who perceives pressure changes smoother. Better pressure distribution: Unlike traditional mattresses with linear cell alternation, the A2000V mattress ensures that the same area of ​​the body is in contact with several cells at the same time with different degrees of pressure (more or less deflated).

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Mattress dimensions: 203 x 90 x 7.6 cm

• Composed of 16 air cells.

• With flaps for better support.

• Fully swells in 20 minutes.

• It is placed on the mattress of the bed (it does not replace it)

• Light and easy to transport.

• Easy cleaning and disinfection.

• Maximum user weight: 130 kg. Compressor:

• Air outlet: 6 liters / minute.

• Compressor pressure setting range: 30mmHg - 110mmHg.

• The compressor can be placed on a horizontal surface or attached to the hooks.

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

21% VAT and transportation included

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