Martinika Carbon

Martinika Carbon

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New Martinika Carbon ultralight folding electric wheelchair from the Total Care Europe manufacturer. This chair weighs only 11.9kg (without battery) and can support a maximum user weight of 150kg. For this reason, it is the ideal electric chair for people who travel a lot by car or plane.


It has 2 powerful 150W motors that allow you to travel on streets with a maximum slope of 10º and reach a maximum speed of 6km/h.

The Martinika Carbon chair can be purchased with 1 12Ah or 15Ah Lithium battery. For greater autonomy, you can select the option of 2 lithium batteries of 12Ah or 15Ah.

- With a 12Ah battery a range of 10-15km can be achieved.

- With a 15Ah battery a range of 12-17km can be achieved.

- With two 12Ah batteries the range is 25-30km.

- With two 15Ah batteries the range is 30-35km.

The weight of this chair may vary depending on the battery installed, from a minimum of 13.70kg to 15.60kg. Thanks to this reduced weight and the possibility of folding the chair quickly and easily, loading it into the trunk of the car is an effortless operation.

The Martinika Carbon folding electric wheelchair is intended for outdoor use. The chair has long-range batteries, powerful motors and solid wheels that allow it to travel all types of paths.


Rear wheels with a diameter of 26cm and measure 4.5cm wide. The front wheels have a size of 16x4cm.

Turning radius of 90cm. Ideal for use indoors.

It measures only 58cm in total width and 100cm in length; When the footrests are folded down, it measures only 91cm, making it easy to access small elevators.

Once folded, it has a width of 28cm. That is why it is a chair that is easy to store when not in use.

The seat measures 42*44cm (width and depth), although the space between the armrests is 45cm. Therefore it adapts to different users. The backrest measures 44cm wide and 38cm high; It is foldable to facilitate the folding of the chair and reduce the overall size.

The armrests are foldable so that transfers are easier, and they are ergonomic to improve user comfort.

The joystick, positioned on the armrest, can be adjusted to the user's characteristics. It is used to drive and also to charge the chair, which can be charged from the battery.

The battery can be connected using a button, another button allows you to activate the left or right battery according to needs (in case the chair is purchased with the 2 battery option).

Finally, the footrests can be adjusted in height and fold to reduce the total length of the chair.

The Martinika Carbon folding chair is an electric chair made of carbon fiber and can support a maximum weight of 150kg.

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Total Width: 58cm

Total Length: 100 Cm

Maximum Autonomy: From 10km to 35km

Motor power: 2*150W

Maximum Speed: 6 Km/H

Battery Type: Lithium

Number of Batteries: 1 or 2

Maximum slope: 10º

Folded Width: 28 Cm

Folded Depth: 91 Cm

Weight: 11.9 Kg

Maximum User Weight (Kg): 150

Total Weight: 1 Battery 13.75kg - 2 Batteries 15.60kg

Rear Wheels: 26 Cm

Battery: *12/15Ah Or 2*12/15Ah

Turning Radius: 90 Cm

Seat Width: 42

Width Between Armrests: 45 Cm

Front Wheels: 16 Cm

Seat Depth: 44

Backrest Height: 38 Cm

Floor Seat Height: 49 Cm (51 Cm With Cushion)

Total Height: 90 Cm

Backrest Width: 44 Cm

Wheel Type: Solid

Lights: No

Armrest: Yes

Chair Material: Carbon Fiber

Warranty: 3 years and 6 months on the batteries

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