Jay Lite anti-decubitus cushion

Jay Lite anti-decubitus cushion

The Jay LITE anti-decubitus cushion is the lightest in its range and therefore the perfect complement to a lightweight chair. With exceptional performance in terms of stability, comfort and skin protection, but with a weight of just 660 grams. Jay Lite is Sunrise Medical cushion designed for the active user.


- Firm foam base, very light and breathable

- Optiwell Technology: Anatomical design of the pelvic hollow for optimal pressure distribution and stability

- Micro-perforated foam padding with breathable cover as standard (polyurethane foam padding option with incontinence cover)

- Ischial cuts at the base to protect the hamstrings

- 3DX microclimatic cover for maximum heat and moisture dissipation

Clinical indications

- Active patients who require comfort and mild / moderate postural support with a very low weight cushion.

- Patients with good skin integrity and moderate risk of pressure ulcer development

- Patients who can make weight changes independently

- Patients requiring maximum dissipation of heat and humidity

Incredibly light

Weighing in at 660 grams, JAY LITE is the lightest cushion in its range and therefore the perfect complement to a lightweight chair. With exceptional performance in terms of stability, comfort and skin protection but with a very low weight ... JAY LITE is the ideal cushion for the active user !!

Pressure distribution

JAY LITE provides stability and comfort without compromising functionality, ensuring the integrity of the active wearer's skin. The anatomical design of the Optiwell pelvic hollow reduces load on the ischial tuberosities without overloading the trochanters, and the 2 ischial base cuts minimize pressure under the tuberosities to protect skin integrity.

Very breathable

An active life entails the generation of heat. That is why Jay Lite uses materials with superior breathability that optimize skin breathing, helping to dissipate the heat generated by the user while in their wheelchair. The Microclimatic 3DX ™ cover and the lightweight perforated Olotex foam base facilitate air flow ensuring maximum heat and moisture dissipation and optimally protecting the wearer's skin. Jay Lite helps keep your skin always dry.

Jay Lite Standard and Positioning

The Standard cushion offers comfort and pressure distribution for most users. Provides mild leg support and thanks to its low profile it facilitates transfers to and from the chair. As an alternative, for those cases in which a higher level of stability is required in the lower extremities, there is the "Positioning" model, which also provides lateral and internal femur support.

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Width: 35 to 50 cm (for size availability, check the order form)

Depth: 35 to 50 cm (for size availability, see the order sheet)

Front height: 7 cm

Back height: 7 cm

Maximum user weight: 150 Kg.

Cushion type: Ultralight Olotex® foam base with pelvic recess, for active users

Type of cover: Microclimatic 3DX

*Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years

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