ISA Standing Crane

ISA Standing Hoist

The new versatile ISA standing hoist has been designed to accommodate different people who require assistance during a transfer but can support their weight.

The new ISA hoist provides safety, comfort and a more pleasant experience for users. ISA is a product designed for people with certain independence but who at the same time need assistance. As a caregiver, ease of use is essential, which is why the new ISA is compact and curved in dimension, and low in weight. In many cases, the caregiver is a member of the family and therefore ease of use is imperative. This ISA Standing Hoist can be easily disassembled without the need for tools. In this way, transportation is easier.

User-focused design improvements

Ergonomic grips

to adapt to the natural shape of the hand and the position of the wrist.

Extendable lift arm

different length positions to adapt to the height of various users.

Leg support

6 height adjustments to fit different leg dimensions.

Standing plate

wide base for different foot sizes.

Design improvements focused on the Caregiver

Push Bar

Shape and dimension based on caregiver's average elbow height and shoulder width, to ensure smooth and easy maneuvering.


non-slippery and larger surface for any type of shoe with a lever to facilitate manual opening of the legs.

Additional characteristics

Standing plate:

easy to remove and with heel lock and rounded shape for better access. 3 models of plate at different heights. Includes inclined plate and in medium height. As an option, 2 flat models and to be placed in a high or low position.

Push Bar and Pedal - Ergonomic shape for easy transfer.

Sling Hooks - Flexible and secure hooks for quick and easy attachment of slings.

Leg straps:

padded accessory for comfort and safety. Easy to change and wash.

Curved legs:

ergonomic shapes for better maneuverability around chairs and toilet bases.

Ergonomic grips

Natural, comfortable and intuitive hand positioning.

+ Special shape with a curved angle, offering a more natural position for the hand.

+ Adapted width considering a medium dimension of the shoulders for a minimum tension of the body.

+ Soft touch material for comfort during transfer

Extendable arm Adapt the crane to the user's height, condition and preferences.

A flexible crane with 9 positions to incorporate people of various heights.

+ Easy access lever with a self-locking mechanism for quick and safe incorporation.+ The first position is very compact, it facilitates storage.

Leg support Support the lower leg section with maximum comfort

+ It can be adjusted in height in 6 positions easily with one hand and without the need for tools.

+ Soft foam cushions that can be easily replaced when needed.

+ ErgoSupport system available as an option, which allows natural movement of the lower leg section for greater comfort.


ISA Compact:

- Compact standing lift.

- Max user weight 140kg.

- Batteries included.

- Manual leg opening + lever.

- 100mm wheels - rear with brake 5 ° inclined standing plate.

ISA Standard:

- Standard standing lift.

- Max user weight 160kg.

- Removable battery Manual leg opening + lever.

- 100mm wheels - rear with brake 5 ° inclined standing plate.

ISA Plus:

- Plus standing lift.

- Max user weight 180kg.

- Removable battery + charge indicator Electric leg opening.

- 100 mm wheels.

- 5 ° inclined standing plate.

ISA X Plus:

- X Plus standing lift.

- Max user weight 200kg.

- Removable battery + charge indicator Electric leg opening.

- 100 mm wheels - rear with brake

- 5 ° inclined standing plate.

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