Invacare Action 3NG Comfort

Invacare Action 3NG Comfort

Invacare Action 3NG Comfort wheelchair is a variant of the 3NG range that is characterized by greater comfort and special attention to the prevention of bedsores.

Invacare Action 3NG Comfort wheelchair is light and configurable comfort chair. With Dartex seat and backrest, a soft, flexible and resistant material, waterproof and micro aerated. Its backrest is reclining by zipper and envelope for optimal positioning. It is ideal to be transported. The backrest is upholstered and has a comfortable Dartex seat as well as padded armrests. The headrest is optional and is not included.


For Invacare innovation is essential. For this reason, the Action3 NG incorporates a new type of crosshead that facilitates the folding of the chair and increases its stability. In addition, the new design of the paddle offers more foot space and increases user comfort.


The Action3 NG is the perfect example of a modular chair with a wide range of options available to suit current and future user needs. This model of proven quality is a reference in the market: the user knows that he can trust this chair to increase his autonomy on a day-to-day basis.


With a low transport weight, a new crosshead and a split backrest (optional), the Action3 NG chair is easy to fold and remove to take it anywhere.


+ Backrest and seat upholstery Comfort Dartex

+ Padded removable armrests.

+ Footrest can be raised from 0 to 80º, foldable towards the inside and outside (includes calf pad).

+ Footrest platforms adjustable in angle and depth.

+ Passive rear wheel position (25mm behind the backrest tube)

+ Seat widths from 40.5 cm to 50.5 cm.

+ Rear wheel support with 20 positions: 5 positions in height and 4 longitudinal allow to modify the height and the seat angle as well as the center of gravity.

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Seat width: 380/405 / 430mm

Seat depth: 400 / 450mm

Seat height: 385/410 / 435mm

Backrest height: 350 / 510mm

Armrest height: 200 / 280mm

Long footrest: 330 / 460mm

Tilting footrest: 0 / 80º

Backrest tilting: 0 / 30º

Total width: 590 / 640mm

Folded width: 295mm

Total length: 980 / 1105mm

Total length without footrest: 835 / 960mm

Total height: 820 / 1050mm

Weight: 26.5Kg

Maximum load: 125Kg

Transport weight: 7.6Kg

Maximum inclination: 7,6Kg

Turning angle: 870mm

Chassis colors: Slate gray / Dark red / Ocean blue / Anthracite black / Pearl white

Upholstery colors: Two-tone / Nylon black

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years

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