Invacare Action 3NG

Invacare Action 3NG

The Invacare Action 3NG manual wheelchair offers a sleek and stylish chair for everyday use.

Delivering outstanding drive performance with new lightweight options for individuals with a more active lifestyle. Highly functional yet elegantly designed the Invacare Action 3NG wheelchair is a lighweight chair offering a vast range of options and accessories to meet your requirements. Available in 9 stunning colours.

Invacare Action 3NG manual wheelchair has become a benchmark in the market as they are semi-active chairs that provide great performance and comfort to the user. They are made of aluminum and are compatible with the Alber system.


+ Transportable: With a reduced transport weight (7.6 kg), a crosshead folding system and a split backrest (optional), the Action3NG chair is easy to fold and disassemble to be able to take it anywhere.

+ Functional: The Action3NG wheelchair incorporates a crosshead that facilitates the folding of the chair and increases its stability. In addition, the design of the palette offers a greater surface for the feet thus increasing user comfort.

+ Adaptable to the user: If you are looking for a modular chair with a wide range of options available to suit your current and future needs, the Action 3NG wheelchair is the answer. You can rely on it to increase your autonomy on a daily basis.

+ Customized: A new range of colors and an improved design of the backrest upholstery offer even more opportunities for users to adapt the chair to their needs. The new black bi-material backrest upholstery adapts to the rear tubes for added comfort and this upholstery now includes a height-adjustable lumbar support to give users greater support.

+ Lightweight, foldable and easy to transport: The Action3NG has been designed for users who need a folding, transportable chair that can be stored in any corner since its weight is only 14.2 kg and 7.6 kg in transport (self-propelled version, without legrests, armrests and rear wheels) .

+ Brake lever: The brake lever is easily foldable to make transfers more comfortably.

+ Lifting legrests: With ergonomic compensation, they are adjustable at an angle by means of a positioning lever.

+ Clothing protectors: Clothing protectors with an open area to facilitate transfers.

+ Removable armrest: The Action3NG wheelchair has a new design of the opening system to ensure that the armrest can be folded down easily and smoothly, even for users with limited functionality on the hands.

+ New black rear wheel support (20 positions): New support that will allow you to choose between 5 positions in height and 4 longitudinal to modify the height and the seat angle as well as the center of gravity.

+ BI-material upholstery: The new upholstery of the backrest is better suited to the rear tubes for greater comfort and the backrest now includes a height-adjustable lumbar support to give users greater support.

+ Transit version: The transit version (12" wheels) is available for more dependent users who cannot self-propel.

+ Front wheels: The front wheels are available in 5", 6" and 8" pneumatic or solid. New black cover available.

+ Headrest: Available a full range of headrests, simple, enveloping, or with cheek support. The new Elan headrests consist of a multi-adjustable support with several pad options for optimal positioning.

+ Double ring kit option (hemiplegia): Double hoop kit with quick disassembly system to fold the chair. It allows to handle the chair with one hand. Mounted to the right or to the left.

+ Unilateral driving lever option: It allows users with hemiplegia to direct the chair forward, backward or turn with one hand.

+ Different types of optional backups: In addition to the fixed backrest (0° or 7°), the Action3NG chair has 3 different types of backrests to respond to the user's needs: Split backrest, Zipper reclining, Gas piston reclining.

+ Cushions: Optional Matrx® Flo-tech cushions. The Matrx® Flo-tech cushion range offers a large number of solutions for all positioning needs.

+ Different types of optional armrests: Folding and detachable; folding, detachable and height adjustable; detachable and height adjustable; and hemi.

+ Roll over device: With or without stomping. Provides stability on slopes or uneven floors.

You can see more detailed information about the Invacare Action 3NG wheelchair watching the following VIDEO

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REMEMBER: If you have a disability certificate greater than 33% degree, you are entitled to a VAT reduction on this product.

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Seat width: 380/405/430/455/480/505 mm

Seat Depth: 400/450 mm

Seat Angle: 0° / 3° / 6°

Seat height: 385/410/435/460/485/510 mm

Backrest Angle: 0° / 7° / 0° - 30°

Backrest Height: 380 - 510 mm

Front chassis angle: 80° / 0 - 80° / 90°

Footrest adjustment: 330 - 460/440 - 510 mm (std)

Armrest height: 200 - 280/240/170 - 300/210 - 350 mm

Total width: 190 mm

Folded width: 295 mm

Total length: 980 - 1105 mm

Total length without footrest: 835 - 960 mm

Total height: 820 - 1050 mm

Maximum slope : 9°

Turning radius: 870 mm

Maximum user weight: 125 kg

Total Weight: 14.2 kg

Transport weight: 7.6 kg

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years

10% VAT and transportation included

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