Comfort toilet sling for amputees

Comfort toilet harness

The Invacare range of slings ensures safe and comfortable patient transfers. They have been developed in collaboration with occupational therapists to ensure adequate support and easy donning.

Invacare® Comfort Sling, Standard Comfort Sling or Hygiene Comfort Sling provides maximum support and should be applied in the lying position. It is appropriate for both unilateral and bilateral amputees as the entire body is supported during the transfer. Similarly, clients with joint pain often benefit from the use of a Comfort Sling.

The position of the client in the sling can be adjustable through the use of different straps. Small shoulder straps (blue straps) and long leg straps (gray straps) produce a more vertical lift, which will help with transfer to a regular chair or wheelchair. By lowering the shoulder straps (gray) and / or shortening the leg straps (blue), you can achieve a more inclined position, which is most useful for a chair-to-bed transfer.

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