Kittos Country

Kittos Country

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The Kittos Country lightweight folding power wheelchair from Total Care is ideal for travel as it folds in as little as 5 seconds.

Kittos Country, the number one selling electric chair in Spain, comes with a five-year warranty on the chassis. It is the ideal chair for traveling, folding in just 5 seconds, with a compact size that allows it to be stored in its bag, in this way its transport is easier and more practical.

Compact electric wheelchair

The Kittos Country wheelchair has different battery options, 12 Ah, (12Km autonomy), 20Ah battery (22km autonomy), 30Ah (32km autonomy), 40Ah (40km autonomy) and 50Ah (50km autonomy) offering freedom on the move. With this advantage of autonomy, the user will be able to travel the usual distances in a city with comfort and tranquility.

Thanks to its compact size, Kittos Country with a total length of 104 cm, total width of 65 cm and total height of 99 cm can easily cope with standard-sized spaces. The rear wheels are available in solid or pneumatic with a measure of 315 mm and the front wheels are solid with measures of 200x50 mm.

This chair supports up to 150 kg of weight of a user.

It comes with the option of being able to modify the Joystick from the right side to the left. It is also adjusted on the backrest, in this way the companion of dependent users can direct the KITTOS.

Height adjustable backrest

The electric chair, Kittos Country comes with a height-adjustable backrest, minimum 48 cm and maximum 64 cm. Seat measurements are standard with 44cm width, 46cm depth and 54cm ground clearance. It has electromagnetic brakes, 2Ah-24V charger. LI-ION, a motor power of 200W 4500 R.P.N. and reaches a maximum speed of 8 km.

Now available in four colors, gray, white, black and orange. It can also be customized to the user's taste and needs, with NXT backrest, head of the same backrest and three types of footrest.

The NXT backrest comes in thoracic or pelvic shapes that provide back support. The full forms or scapula of the cutout are designed to provide excellent support and comfort to the user.

On the other hand, the user can choose three types of footrest:

● Standard that are fixed and foldable

● Foldable and adjustable in height

● Individual, adjustable in height and removable

The KITTOS only weighs 29 kg and supports a weight of 150 kg. Compact, light and foldable, which is more comfortable to transport by car, public transport or plane. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a vehicle with excessive dimensions.

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Total width: 64cm

Total length: 104cm

Maximum Autonomy: 12,20,30,40, 50km (depending on the battery option chosen)

Motor power: 200W

Maximum Speed: 7Km / h

Battery type: Lithium

Maximum user weight (Kg): 150

Total weight: 29Kg

Rear wheels: 315mm

Seat width: 44

Front wheels 200x50mm

Seat depth: 46

High seat floor: 54cm

Cushioning: Yes

Foldable: Yes

Chair material: Aluminum

Warranty: 2 years and 6 months on the batteries

10% VAT and transportation included

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Reduced VAT rate (4%) will be applied to customer provided 33% disability certificate 33% (or higher degree)

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