Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS

Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS

Start your journey Today with a limited edition Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS. The Super Deluxe offers one of the largest carrying capacity of compact travel scooter.

This is a 4-wheel foldable scooter model, featuring front suspension and larger tires on the rear (pneumatic tires are optional). These well designs hightened stability and a more comfortable ride. It also easy-to-adjust tiller places the scooter's control in the ideal position and half folding function. Smart fold, easy go.

The Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS is the four wheel version of the Super, complete with front suspension and pneumatic tyres for those that want more stability and comfort when tackling rugged terrain. The Deluxe 4 comes with a larger seat, and standard 10.5 A/H Li-ion batteries, which can be upgraded to 16.5 A/H Li-ions (optionally) giving it a much higher range. With the well designed front suspension and larger pneumatic tyres on the rear, the ride is smooth and comfortable. The Super Deluxe 4 has the extra carrying capacity of 160 kgs*.

Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS - Benefits

+ Only half folding design

+ Battery removes easily

+ More leg space and a comfortable wide seat

+ Adjustable steering height and angle

+ Rear pneumatic tire option

+ Advanced Appereance: LED display to keep track of your battery life. Extendable handlebars added comfort.

+ High-Tech design: The Super Deluxe is the four wheel version of the Super, complete with front suspension and solid tyres for those that want more stability and comfort when tackling rugged terrain.

+ Soft seat: Wider seat for added comfort

+ Easy city accessibility: If mobility scooters become more common, it will greatly improve their lifestyle and standard of living.

+ Airline Safe

+ Redesigned Frame for Extra Durability

+ Newly Extended Handlebars for Better Ergonomics

+ Quick folding and un-folding

+ Folded scooter conveniently rolls along like a travel suitcase

What makes it different

+ User load up to 25.7 stone

+ More Powerful motor

+ Wider seat for added comfort

+ Wider handlebars

+ More leg room

+ LED display to keep track of your battery life

+ Fitted with adjustable armrests

+ Bigger range upto 16 miles

+ Available in 3 colours

+ 16.5A battery

+ Front wheel suspension

+ Larger Solid PU back tyres

+ Larger anti-tip wheels

+ Includes under seat storage bag

+ Includes off board charger

The Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS Folding Mobility scooter has an impressive user load capacity of 25.7 stone. It will allow you to go further with a range of up to 16 miles. Fitted with the latest battery technology, the Super Deluxe opens the door to forgotten adventures. The Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS Folding Mobility scooter has front wheel suspension giving you extra comfort, paired with a wider padded seat and more leg room so you can enjoy every minute of longer journeys. Fitted with Solid PU tyres which are larger at the back giving you more grip and stability, perfect for those country outings.

Available in a new sophisticated range of colours which includes mustard yellow, titanium grey and silver.

Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS can fold into the flat position for optimal transport. However, due to the wider wheels for greater stability, as well as the suspension for a more comfortable riding experience, this model cannot fold into the suitcase position. We find that whether you are taking the Luggie on a plane to your favorite destination or just putting it in your car for a getaway or to do some errands, the flat position is always the best position to keep the Luggie for transport. Your Luggie is best protected in this position as the seat protects the top console when the handlebars are lowered into the deck.

Note: Range varies with weight, terrain, temperature, battery condition etc. and is subject to manufacturing tolerances. Your battery will require a period of "breaking in" before they will reach their optimum capacity (up to 20 charge, discharge cycles can be expected) before full range is experienced.

We invite you to see all the features of the Luggie Super Deluxe L05 4AS folding scooter watching the following VIDEO

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Overall Length 99.5 cm / 39.2"

Overall Width 56.5 cm / 22.2"

Max. Safe Slope 6 degree

Max. Speed 7.5 kph / 4.7 mph

Ground Clearance 4 cm / 1.57"

Turning Radius 93.5 cm / 36.8"

Range Per Charge 20 km / 12.5 mile (90kg)

Total Weight w/o Batteries 32.1 kg / 70.6 lb

Li-Ion Battery 10.5 Ah

Battery (each) 2 kg / 4.4 lb

Weight Capacity 163.6 kg / 360 lb

Colors: Mustard olive, Mineral grey, Light green, Ocean blue, Titanium silver

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the battery

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