Libercar Aura 10

Libercar Aura 10

Enjoy the Libercar Aura 10, one of the lightest folding power chairs available in the market. Its aluminum chassis and 10Ah lithium battery provide ultra-light weight (25.7 kg total weight chair, batteries weight: 1.8kg / each unit) and high performance (speed 8 km/h, autonomy 13 km). It is very easy to operate. Electric folding system. Easy storage and transportation.

The Libercar Aura 10 features a new front suspension system that ensures an easy, comfortable and safe drive.

State-of-the-Art Technology

ULTRA-LIGHT: Aluminum chassis and lithium battery ; Weight of the chair structure: 25,7kg - Weight of the removable battery: 1.8kg


MAXIMUM ROBUSTNESS: recommended maximum weight 135kg

HIGH PERFORMANCE: Brushless motors: 2x250W - Lithium Battery: 10Ah



MAX SPEED: 8 km/h

AUTONOMY: max. 13 km

DIGITAL JOYSTICK: 5 speeds - Progressive intensity


Robust and lightweight

Large anti-puncture wheels: Rear 30cm - front 20cm

Aluminum wheels

Front cushioning

Ultralight aluminum structure

Weight of the chair structure: 25.7 kg

Removable lithium battery: 1.8 kg

Lithium Technology

Lithium technology advantages:

- Less weight - Higher benefits

- Greater longevity

- Reduced self-discharge rate

- No memory effect problems

3 loading options:

- Through the joystick

- Through battery mounted chair

- Removable battery socket

Folding and electrical deployment with remote control

The Libercar Aura 10 has modern and comfortable electric folding system with remote control. The chair opens and closes without effort and in a few seconds. Its small dimensions and its great lightness allow transport and store the chair easily. The remote control is activated with a security code to avoid involuntary actions while using the chair. It also has a switch folding to open or close the chair electrically in case of loss of command or run out of batteries.

Multiple adjustments

The chair is adjustable in length:

Open chair: 104cm

Folded footrest: 84cm

Folded chair: 35cm

Adjustable backrest in height and reclinable:

Adjustable height backrest.

Folding footrest and armrests:

The platform of the footrest is collapsible. It stays at the same height level of the seat, facilitating the maximum the approach to the chair to get in or off.

Equipment and Versatility

Seat belt

Object carrying case

Anti-perspirant fabric

Folding armrests

Folding footrest

Adjustable height backrest.

Aluminum wheels

Large wheels

Removable battery

Digital display joystick

5 speeds

Adaptable for right-handers and left-handers

Progressive acceleration intensity

Battery indicator and acoustic warning

Accompanying joystick (optional)

The Libercar Aura 10 is a very useful folding power chair that will help you in your daily routines.

Watch this interesting VIDEO of the Libercar Aura

Watch this interesting VIDEO of the Libercar Aura

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Motor: 2 x 250W

Batteries: LITHIUM 1x10Ah

Max speed: 8 km/h

Aluminum chassis: YES

Max. Autonomy: 13 km

Joystick with digital display: YES

Chair normal length: 104 cm

Chair length folded: 35 cm

Normal width: 62 cm

Length with folding footrest: 84 cm

Chair height: 93-106 cm

Seat width between armrests: 51 cm

Chair Total weight: 27.5 kg

Lithium battery weight (ud) 1.8 kg

Chair frame weight: 2.7 kg

Independent battery charging: YES

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years and 6 months on the batteries

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