Otto Bock C1000 DS

Otto Bock C1000 DS

Thanks to its new steering, the Otto Bock C1000 DS chair is very easy to use and can be practically rotated on site. The wheelchair is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Thanks to its low seat height, the Otto Bock C1000 DS chair can be easily placed under tables and workplaces, and complicated travel is no longer necessary.

The easy to operate and understand control can be individually adjusted and combined with all the special Otto Bock controls. In addition, the special controls in Able50 offer ambient control. The Otto Bock C1000 DS chair's input modules allow you to control a wide variety of household appliances (eg television, light switches or a computer).

The Otto Bock C1000 DS front wheel drive electric wheelchair convinces with its exceptional driving characteristics and great maneuverability. The independent electronic power steering of the guide wheels enables precise and fast handling, also indoors. Because of this, the chair has high stability and a small turning radius of only 75cm The possibility of moving the point of gravity with a few simple movements guarantees optimum transfer of force to the road surface

Thanks, among others, to the seat elevation of up to 40cm, the Otto Bock C1000 DS provides great freedom of movement. Flexible height adjustment makes it possible to approach tables or workplaces without any problem

The Otto Bock C1000 DS can mount any special remote control from the Otto Bock range, hence it is appropriate for degenerative pathological conditions The full suspension chassis, footrest, seat and backrest regulations, as well as complete equipment allow highly comfortable driving , also on long-distance journeys Lighting by LEO's is an added safety mechanism.

Product features

6 km/h and optional 10 km/h

Full suspension chassis

Power assisted steering, guarantees the best driving indoors and outdoors

Displacement of the gravity point by variable battery position

Anatomical seats with individual adaptations

Electric adjustments such as tilting and seat elevation, backrest recline, lifting footrest

Special controls such as chin, puff-absorption, companion, etc.

Possibility of environment control

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Max speed: 6 km/h (optional 10km / h)

Batteries: 75ah gel

Autonomy: 35km

Maximum charge time: 12h

Empty weight: 160kg

Maximum load: 140kg

Obstacle overcoming: 10cm

Earrings: 17%

Width: 68cm

Length: 108cm

Turning radius: 75cm

Seat height: from 40cm

Width: 38 / 48cm

Tilting: 30º

Backrest height: 55cm

Colors: oxide / black

*Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years and 6 months on the batteries

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