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Ibericare RideUp

4.960 €
VAT included

RideUp is designed for individuals that require powered mobility assistance to accomplish the activities of daily living. “I am sitting so low it is difficult to interact with other people”, is the most common criticism of power chair, electric wheel chair and power scooter users.

The elevated riding position of a RideUp user contributes to the healthy benefit of weight bearing and active muscle use. Based on a Scandinavian orthopedic chair, the seating position of a RideUp is the perfect combination of comfort with limited weight bearing requirements and a high riding position.

The patented seat mechanism of RideUp allows access to the device from the rear. With the seat opening to both sides, the low foot platform is then easily mounted by individuals with mobility limitations. A secure seat closing process eliminates any risk of a fall when ready to assume the seated position. When seated, the effort required to transition to standing is greatly reduced.

The RideUp offers a secure rear access with a patented seat opening and an elevated seating position for eye-level interaction.

IMPORTANT: Provided a 33% degree Spanish disability certificate, you are entitled to a 4% VAT reduction on this product. The price would be 4263.14 EUR. In case you are interested in going ahead with this purchase, please fill out the following form.

Product details

Max. loading capacity: 125 Kg
Total weight: 61 Kg
Maximum speed: 7.2 Km / h
Autonomy: 16 Km
Length: 87 cm
Width: 61 cm
Turning radius: 69cm
Battery: 2 x 12 Ah
* Data provided by the manufacturer

Warranty: 2 years on the scooter and 6 months on batteries
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21% VAT and transportation included
Reduced VAT rate of 4% will be applied to customer provided 33% disability certificate 33% (or higher degree)