Invacare Comet Pro

Invacare Comet Pro

The Invacare Comet Pro mobility scooter is the new enhanced 4 wheel scooter model replacing the former Invacare Comet scooter. The Invacare Comet Pro mobility scooter is the flagship of the Invacare range of scooters and comes packed with features that enable a safe, fast and enjoy.

The Invacare Comet Pro is equipped with the all new suspension system, premium relcining and swivelling seat and 13" pneumatic or solid tyres. Whatever the terrain, you’ll enjoy a controlled and sturdy drive.

Safe, controlled drive

With its large wheels, a powerful motor and adjustable suspension system in both the front and rear of the chassis, the Comet simply invites adventure. The Comet is equipped with an electronic speed reduction feature, which automatically decreases speed when going round bends: this ensures safe, comfortable manoeuvres at all times. Intelligent electronics offer a visual and audio signal when the batteries need recharging. The unique lighting system includes an easily visible DUAL-bulb headlight, indicators that automatically switch off and an integrated heavy-duty brake light for safety.

Compact for convenience

Ergonomic handles help you execute precise manoeuvres in tight spaces and offer relief to hands and arms during longer trips. The adjustable tiller lever is positioned opposite the handbrake and is within easy reach. A two-step disengaging lever protects the scooter from free-wheeling if accidentally knocked out of drive mode.

Simplicity and ease of use

Using only quality components not only makes the Comet reliable, but easy to service. Simply remove the top cover to access batteries, electronics, motor and cables. The motor and electronics are protected from corrosion and water (splash protection) which safeguard the vital workings of the scooter against dirt and water preventing any unnecessary malfunction. The lights operate in such a way that lights still function if one bulb blows. The Comet has undergone extensive testing in the German independent TÜV test laboratory and complies with the Medical Device Standards for Europe.

New enhanced features

Comet PRO 4 wheeled scooter, 12km/h (8 mph)

All New Suspension System

10 colours ‐ 5 Classic colours and 5 Premium Colours

Premium reclining and swivelling seat

Width, height and angle adjustable armrests

New Ergonomic Delta handlebar with easy tiller adjustment

13" pneumatic black tyres

Adjustable seat height and depth

2 x 75Ah batteries

Lighting system with indicators and automatic brake light

Two step disengaging lever

Anti‐splash protection for electronics

Clear Intuitive control panel with LCD screen

Rear‐view mirror

For further details about the Invacare Comet PRO please watch the following VIDEO

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LENGTH: 145cm.

WEIGHT: 136 Kg.


SEAT WIDTH: 51 cm.

SEAT DEPTH: 47cm (Comfort & Deluxe) and 46cm (premium)

SEAT FLOOR HEIGHT: Min 44cm - Max 51cm

BACKREST HEIGHT: Comfort (50cm), Deluxe (49cm), Premium (63cm)

OVERALL WIDTH: 66,5 cm - 68,5 cm




MAX. SPEED: 15 km / h

MOTOR CAPACITY: 15 km/h: 550 W / 1600

* Data provided by the manufacturer.

Warranty: 2 years and 6 month on the batteries

21% VAT and transportation included

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